New Release Tuesday (10-9-12)


October 9, 2012 (Aliens, murder and magical mystery!)

Five Plastic Discs Released Today:

I never made it into the cinema to see this one, so I’m pretty excited to sit down with it at home. I’ve heard mixed reviews and I’m prepared to be let down, but I’m sure there will be some moments worth the wait and overall I hope I enjoy this addition to the universe that spawned Alien and Blade Runner (supposedly).

Having not seen this for a decade or more has probably tinted my view of it with a healthy dollop of nostalgia, but still, I cannot deny that there is a lot of talent in this film. The cast is fantastic, the songs are fun, the special effects are fantastic and the great Frank Oz directs it all with his usual adept sincerity.  I’m interested to see this  Director’s cut as it contains the film’s original ending which was changed for the theatrical release – from what I understand it turns into a Godzilla film as the city is overrun and destroyed by Audrey plants – Fun!

Crazy! Take two of the all-time great American actresses, who HATED each other in real life and put them in a film together where they try to kill each other as they both progressively become more and more unhinged, add some sumptuous black and white photography and you’re going to have a great time. Davis is amazingly batshit insane here and Crawford plays the austere bitch as well as she ever did. Two wonderful women allowing their inhibitions to fall in order to create one of the best ‘films about films’ ever made.

I had a chance to see Dial M in 3d once… and it was terrible. I’m sure the theater was to blame for the poor presentation, but I distinctly remember thinking the 3d had ruined what I consider to be one of Hitch’s most re-watchable films. Regardless, here it is on Bluray in 2d and 3d, so pick your poison.

I’ve always loved this film due to the small scale and  “locked room” aspect to the mystery and plot – anytime someone can take a few people standing around in a room talking and make it tense and exciting I doff my hat. Hitch was, of course, great at this sort of thing and has many films which fit the description, yet I always find myself going back to Dial M. The ingenuity and simplicity of the writing and direction really impresses me and the cast is in top form.

Crazy. Forget Baby Jane, this is the film full of unbridled insanity this week. Pop this one in for your mom or someone who fondly remembers the frivolity and innocence of A Hard Day’s Night and watch them have one bad, bad trip.

This film was shot without a real script, just notes on scraps of paper that the Beatles passed around – that should give you an idea of how cohesive it is as a film. However, as an experience… this is like the Beatles showing Jodorowsky how to make films (who they oddly had a mutually beneficial relationship with when it came to film).

Rarely seen and really, never seen in an HD transfer, this will be one special treat when it gets on my screen at home. Sit down with this beautiful disaster and smoke, drink or better yet, remain totally sober and let the film itself fuck you up.

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