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First of all, R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman. The shocking revelation of his long battle with cancer is simply tragic. He was a true hero and class act; spending his sickest years bringing joy and inspiration to all he could. My thoughts and wishes are with his family during this difficult time. Fuck cancer.

Wakanda Forever



Second, I’m going to start posting to the site again. Give me a few days to get the content machine running at full-tilt, but watch this space for new content very soon.

Thanks for sticking around all these years. Let’s make 2021 our bitch.

The Long Hiatus


As you can tell, I’ve basically abandoned the site as of late last year. I’ve been very, very busy with a multitude of things and have not had any real time to devote to producing any content here.

I hope to jump back into the groove soon, but it remains to be seen just when this will happen.

The site still lives and traffic is still steady thanks to popular articles and posts of the past, so as always, thank you for reading.

If anyone would like to help out on the site during this downtime, please contact me
Otherwise, I’ll see you all soon.

The Reddit Collaborative Comic Book Project


About a month ago I started a Reddit group called Comic Book Collaborations – in hopes of creating, what basically amounts to, an online classified’s section which is specifically geared towards helping amateur comic book creators find collaborators, in order to get their independent comic book projects off the ground more easily. I thought having one place online to go would be easier than scouring through thousands of Deviantart accounts or personal blogs. Good ideas often blossom even better ideas and soon I found myself thinking it would be great to simply create a comic through this venue.


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Welcome To The New Comics Astonish!

Things are slowly changing shape, so please, bear with us as the big move occurs. To the readers who have been with us for a while now, you’ll see some repetition as I’ll be slowly migrating all the posts from the old site over here to the new one*. However there is PLENTY new coming too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Comics Astonish is a 100% independent comic blog; we’re not run by a multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerate and we make no money doing this – so believe us when we say we REALLY appreciate our readers and we thank you for giving us your views.  We want Comics Astonish to be the ‘go to’ creator-owned Comic Reviews and Editorial site. To that end we’re open to suggestions, open to contributors and open to our readers in any way possible. Drop us a line with feedback, requests, complaints or any other damn thing you could possibly care to spend your time communicating to us.

There are some big, ambitious ideas kicking around on the back-end here and the only way they will ever come to fruition is by keeping our audience engaged and happy.


Reach out to us in any way you see fit, follow along and help spread the word.

Thanks for reading!

* Yeah, that idea lost steam quickly. Let the past remain in the past, I say.

Pardon Our Dust…