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CA Interviews Comic Writer Kevin Mellon


We sat down with comic book artist Kevin Mellon recently, and you know what?

Besides near constant Skype connection issues from our end and a hoarse, sick and extremely medicated interviewer… it all went pretty damn good.

Kevin speaks about current and past projects, working in the industry, inspiration and what it takes to “break in” to the comics game.

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CA Reviews: “Heart” #1


(please excuse my bad iPhone photography, I was just stoked to score a signed copy)

Heart #1 –

Writer: Blair Butler

Artist: Kevin Mellon

This book has a few things going for it that you may think would guarantee it a good review from me: it takes place in Kansas City (my home town, born and raised) and it is written and drawn by two KC natives…

However, this book also has a rather large hurdle to overcome with me as well: my almost negative interest in MMA fighting (that’s a whole other story). As you can see, the scales begin to balance out.

This is all a game though, semantic, mental masturbation – because once I read the book I realized that none of the above  criteria mattered in the slightest, because thankfully, I possess enough integrity (read, I’m an great guy/asshole) to either praise or rip it apart based on its own merits as a piece of work created within the context of the comics medium.

To wit:

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