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​Today I Will Purchase My First “Children’s” Comic Book (based solely on the cover)


"The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13" Written by Sholly Fisch Art and Cover by Rick Burchett and Dan Davis.

I am a big fan of the cartoon series, but I have yet to read one of the comics… if they manage to transpose even a quarter of the brilliance from the cartoon into the print medium then I may end up having a new title on my pull list. While many derided the cartoon series itself for being too “kiddy”, I found it extremely well-written, fun, intelligent and full of brilliant and easter-eggy nods to DC history. In short, I found it to be very mature (not in a blood and guts and sex sort of way, but in an intelligently created piece of art sort of way), the exact opposite of “kiddy”. The aesthetic rubbed people the wrong way, sure… it did put me off at first too, I must admit. Bit I grew to love the style.

Has anyone else read this series? Do any other discerning adults read “children’s” titles?