Top Ten Geeky Hallowe’en Costumes


It’s that time of the year again: time to promote juvenile diabetes! Also time to relish the chance for an increasingly non-secular nation to dip their toes into the dark side and openly venerate ghosts, demons, monsters and all things horrific. Halloween! Fuck yeah!

After trudging through innumerable “sexy ___fillintheblank___” costumes, I thought it may be wise to cut through some of the noise by listing what I’ve found online this year to be the coolest geeky Halloween costumes:

Full disclosure – I don’t read Deadpool comics – but I must admit this costume is pretty sweet looking. I know the character is very popular right now, so I’m sure this entry will be appreciated. For extra credit make this Deadpool meta – find a  friend to get a weird tan, a buzzcut and follow you around all night telling everyone how he created you!

Here is one of the few cartoon character costumes that doesn’t come off as oddly proportioned and disturbing on some subtle level – it actually looks just like the cartoon! Think how fun it will be to affect his voice all night…

What can I say, it looks like a dead-on recreation of the cartoon. Super geeky cool and yet you still get the skeleton-based Halloween vibe.

The other side to this coin is of course the He-Man costume, which is so ridiculous looking that I just had to point it out – dat wig… dem legs! Wow, it fits the cheese of the 80’s cartoon perfectly!

This is the only kid’s costume you’ll need. Although, please note that someone should probably snatch up that $99,999.00 version, I hear it is a collector’s item and will only increase in value as the years draw on.  /s

I’m pretty open about my disdain for Tim Burton as a filmmaker, but I can admit he made a few movies which I actually enjoy – Beetlejuice being one of them. He’s been out of the public eye long enough that I’m sure this one would illicit plenty of smiles and ‘hell yeahs’ from any good Halloweenie crowd.

Holy shit – the Superman tee and suspenders make this really awesome. Just picture it – you could go to every door and when they hand you your candy, ask:  Baby… Ruth?

A costume for a woman that isn’t insultingly over-sexualized? Sure – against all odds I found one – and it is fucking awesome (and easily re-creatable at home on the cheap!) Now,  I’m sure 99% of you looked at that name and let out a big ol’ “Who”? But then you saw the picture and immediately knew who it was. Fear not, the Halloween crowds will (mostly) get it too.
For those slow on the uptake, it’s Tippi Hendren from The Birds, of course. A neat idea and a rarity in women’s pre-bought costuming; clever, high-brow and not slutting it up.  Win, win, win.

Now this is neat – hell I want to order this just for regular wear.

Get some cheesy 80’s glasses and put a little antenna on your head to really supplement this costume and you’ll be looking super fucking cool.  If you and a friend want to make a great pair then check out this badass Shredder Hoodie!

Finally! About time men were subjected to the same – oh wait… that’s just the way the character looks.

Shit yeah, I want to see Frank N Furters everywhere this year, I challenge you all to man up like manly men and wear some panties and garters! Live your dream and be a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania.

Holy shit, that’s right, someone has mass manufactured a zombie Batman costume. Life is good. Sure it’s a cheesy rubber mask, but from what I can tell the costume itself looks pretty cool and detailed… the mask isn’t awful looking either.

It may be wise to simply augment this with your own bat mask and do the zombie makeup yourself, but for the uninitiated, this mask seems like it’ll do just fine. Hell, there is even a kid’s version! Or you could go as Zombie Batman and dress your kid up as zombie Robin – which would be an easy DIY costume – and it would make you two the coolest mofos on your block.

Also, for you more industrious types out there – save some money and just buy the mask by itself.

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